I am not a serial offender so when I was arrested I phoned our family solicitor and he recommended Belinda Knight Solicitor as someone with a first class reputation. In our first meeting Belinda was very factual and explained exactly where I was in the legal process, what would happen next, what my options were, what she would recommend and associated time-frames.

Sympathetic – Throughout the entire process Belinda was sympathetic to both mine and my family’s needs; this meant I could still work internationally while my case was going through criminal justice system.

Impressed – The thing that impressed me the most was that Belinda stuck to the process, the potential outcomes and the probabilities. It is important to remember that criminal allegations were extremely serious and Belinda led me through the process from beginning to end.

Kept out of prison – Overall I think Belinda kept me true to the process, minimised the sentencing and kept me out of prison.

Highly recommended – I would highly recommend Belinda Knight Solicitor as she is technically excellent and tells you where you stand. If you are reading this you will be in trouble so please listen to her and act promptly as the longer you let things drag the worse the outcome, I would definitely recommend her from experience.” – FG in Windsor Feb 2018 (False accounting, theft, obtaining by deception).