This practice is conducting necessary research to comply with the Solicitor’s Practice Rules regarding the transparency rules for estimates for the provision of advice and representation at the Magistrates’ Court in relation to road traffic offences that can be heard only at the Magistrates’ Court.

In the meantime please speak to us directly to obtain a full case specific estimate.

Legal Aid can give you financial help to obtain the expert advice you need from this practice. Whether you qualify depends on your financial position. Even if you own your own home and have some savings in the bank, you could still get some financial help.

Belinda Knight, and this criminal law practice fully supported the Law Society in seeking greater coverage of Legal Aid for all who are legally represented at the police station.

Legal aid is subject to a merits test, and means assessment in some cases. There is no means assessment for those who meet the criteria below:

  • For those aged under 18 years
  • For those in receipt of Income Support
  • For those in receipt of Employment Support Allowance (ESA)
  • For those in receipt of Job Seekers Allowance (JSA)
  • For those in receipt of Guaranteed State Pension Credit
  • For those on Universal Credit

For more details please see –

We would advise you look at the following links:

To assesses whether you can get public funding for your legal situation

Criminal legal aid application form

Concerning crime, justice and the law

We always seek value for you, and have successfully applied for legal aid when the client had been previously misinformed about their eligibility, so please contact us for advice.

Private funding

If you want to pay for our services on a private basis, then we would be happy to provide you with an estimate of our likely costs, so please contact us for advice.

For those privately funded we are cost efficient and present good value and peace of mind. We keep things simple, direct, open and transparent. We discuss your fees up front.

We do things right and we have a high satisfaction rate amongst our clients. We want to know what our clients think to shape this practice in the future.