In the past two years, I have never been as relaxed as I am today, and I have never been so happy as today. For all this we must thank you, thank you for your help, thank you for helping us to fight this lawsuit, thank you for helping us reduce the pain. In the long wait of 5 months, I searched the Internet for relevant legal provisions, and inadvertently saw your lawyer’s website.

Many large scale cases – Then I took a look at your academic background and you accepted many large-scale cases. I felt that you are more professional. Immediately I dialed your phone number and simply told you about the case and you asked if I could forward the case to you. I did not hesitate to have you represent me. I didn’t expect that I would trust you so much. You said that you needed to meet us immediately. Otherwise, there will be no time to prepare the case.

ProfessionalismYour professionalism exceeded our expectations. When we saw your style, we felt that you created a great atmosphere in court and were more confident than other lawyers. You put pressure on the other party’s lawyers and immediately affected the public prosecution. At that time, I wanted to ask you “How can you be so familiar with the case in a few working days? How do you do it?”

Right lawyerAfter the courtroom, my partner came out of the court and said: “We hired the right lawyer, I knew after seeing her at a glance.” While we are satisfied with the results, we would also like to write this thank you this note. 

We have infinite gratitude for your professionalism, your industriousness, your devotion. We felt very touched. Here, on behalf of my family, I wish you good health and a prosperous business. “- Mr. & Mrs. CX (Chinese client) Reading Oct 2017 (Theft by employee, fraud).