Belinda Knight Solicitor has represented 3 different generations of my family for a variety of different allegations, drugs, burglary, and assault.

Extra mileAt one point Belinda represented us on, on 3 different cases and we won them all in succession. She provides excellent legal service. Belinda always goes the extra mile!

Site and home visits – She does site visits and she is prepared to travel out of the Thames Valley area to be able to represent her clients, she appears when they are under arrest at police station through to court. Belinda will do home visits if that’s more convenient and comfortable for you as a client.

Special needs – Belinda Knight Solicitor also has a fantastic reputation for representing clients will special needs. She is very understanding and patient, she ensures that the police and the courts understands the issues of her clients and prompts both to put the correct procedures in place so that her client feels as comfortable as possible ensuring that they have fair interviews and trials.

Best interests – Belinda Knight Solicitor has clients best interest is always at the fore front of how she represents them. I can honestly say I have always been happy with how Belinda has handled our cases and know she has always fought her hardest for the best possible outcome.” – BJ in Reading (robbery, assault, drugs, burglary, domestic violence) April 2018.