In the event you find yourself in the position of needing a Criminal Lawyer or a Criminal Law Solicitor, you’d probably go through a checklist that looks something like this: – Capable; Many court wins; Fully knowledgeable in a particular field of law and well-acquainted with cases like your own; Genuinely committed; Has foresight and can anticipate certain outcomes with some degree of certainty; Familiar with the court(s) where your case will be held; Straight-forward/Direct; Excellent negotiating skills; Persuasive. It is the case Belinda Knight ticked all of these boxes for me, and given the gravity of potential outcomes and the effects it could have had on my career, Belinda put forth a case that resulted in exactly what I wanted. One cannot ask for more than that, and I certainly could not more highly recommend Belinda Knight Solicitor I remain a woman of good character as Belinda Knight persuaded the prosecution at court to discontinue my case”.