Throughout my legal case, I found Belinda Knight to be extremely efficient and helpful and a great source of emotional comfort to me. Her knowledge and expertise gave me a clear insight into the affects of domestic violence and she really gave me the strength to compose myself during court and in the subsequent weeks before the trial.

Belinda provided an invaluable support network where I could obtain both the legal information I needed as well as the empathy and understanding to get me through, what was a very harrowing court case.

I always felt very supported and understood and I very much felt that I could rely on their support fully, being only a phone call or email away.

Legal matters were fully explained to me throughout the process in a clear and concise way, which greatly aided my understanding of the case and it’s implications, moving forward.

Being a victim of domestic violence over a period of many years, Belinda’s kind help and approachable manner alongside a thorough understanding of its damaging affects facilitated a journey of healing. This has been enlightening and very much cathartic in helping me not to make poor decisions in the future and to get the necessary help I need.

I would highly recommend Belinda Knight to anyone seeking a professional and very empathetic legal team.