Guidance on likely sentences for most offences:

In England and Wales criminal offences are covered by the Sentencing Guidelines that are used by courts as guidance in determining a sentence. So that you can understand what may happen Belinda Knight can provide guidance on the range for that offence. This guidance is based on first time offender pleading not guilty. This is also at this stage without considering any factors that might make an offence more, or less, serious.

Belinda Knight has huge experience in successfully dealing with all kinds of offences for clients and often can help persuade the court that the maximum sentence need not be applied. So if you would like some guidance on likely sentence contact me via the contact form below to discuss your case further.

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    NB Please note other factors may influence any sentence including background, history and circumstances of an offence. The greater the level of detail you provide above will all help me in assisting you. For all urgent matters please contact me through my office phone