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Our average rating is 5 stars

Excellent criminal solicitor

Belinda knight represented me throughout my case, I was extremely pleased with the outcome, she is hardworking and comitted, I would whole heartly recommend her to anyone needing a excellent criminal solicitor. DM – Aug 2019


Many, many thanks

Belinda was passionate and focused throughout the case and presented the mitigation evidence in a way the court could understand. Her efforts, that no doubt went above and beyond, certainly were key to obtaining a more favourable outcome. Thank you so much.

CB - July 2019

Thank you for your professional representation of our Son.

We would like to thank you Belinda for helping our Son through a very difficult situation.

From the moment he had his initial consultation with you we knew that our son had chosen a learned legal expert to represent him in
Magistrates Court. He was given sound professional advice in advance of the court appearance and on the day the case was brought to session.

On meeting Belinda we were very impressed by her no nonsense approach, her professionalism and her legal understanding of the situation that our son had found himself in.

In court Belinda was truly excellent and executed everything as discussed previously. This resulted in the very best outcome that could have been expected for our son, considering that the penal consequences could have been more severe. Belinda gave further sound advice as to how our son should conduct his affairs in the future in order to alleviate any further transgressions of justice. Thank you very much for your knowledgeable representation and we would have no hesitation in recommending your services to anyone who found themselves in a similar situation in the future.

Mr & Mrs R P - June 2019

Nice day to be “outside”

She certainly has done well for a lot of people in a lot of complex situations – some of them repeat appearances, which must make it more difficult to defend.  Whoever it was, or whatever it was that guided our choice, it paid off.

Nice day to be “outside”.

JP March 2019

Belinda combines approachability with professionalism

During the early months of  2019 Belinda Knight assisted a family member in respect of a serious offence. She showed compassion coupled with straight talking, was completely accessible and even phoned family members when her client was in distress.

She demonstrated a thoroughness throughout the process.  We all had complete confidence in her attention to the nuances of the case and her ability to present the salient points to the Judge in a clear and direct manner.

Belinda combines approachability with professionalism.  She did not hesitate to warn her client of the details of the worst possible outcome, at the same time as instilling in all of us that she would do everything in her power to achieve a fair and moderate result. She was successful.

BJ and BJ, Hampshire.  Early 2019

Thank you for an excellent service!

Just a little note to thank you for your hard work in helping me through this very difficult time in my life. It was a pleasure to have you working for me, to bring me back down to earth sometimes.

The service was swift, professional and complete and the fact that Belinda was contactable and helpful made things all very easy.
Based on my experience, if anyone is considering a very good solicitor, then I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Belinda Knight.

Very best wishes and many thanks again for all your help
– A satisfied client from Berkshire

J R Reading - Mar 2019


Belinda Knight represented me during my case. Belinda worked above and beyond her duties. I was kept updated throughout the whole case. Belinda worked really hard and I was extremely pleased with the result. I would highly recommend Belinda Knight.
Thank you Belinda for all your hard work and support.”
RS Oct 2018

Thank you so much.

My family and friends got Belinda Knight flowers and a card but I want to write the following:- I was involved in a domestic incident, having never been in criminal justice system previously. Belinda Knight handled the whole case in a professional manner and made me at ease through the whole event. I would recommend Belinda Knight to anyone who needed a criminal law solicitor.HG. Berkshire – Aug 2018


Outstanding and specialist service for individuals with disabilities

Our charity supports autistic individuals and their families. In all cases whether an individual has been accused or is the victim of crime, Belinda is our first port of call for advice. Belinda is our first recommendation to individuals seeking representation. Belinda goes above and beyond the call of duty to ensure she can provide an outstanding service to individuals and their families, bringing with her a unique skill set for supporting vulnerable individuals and those with complex needs.” Stephanie Mullally – HACS in Hillingdon – July 2018

“Belinda was recommended to me by another solicitor and represented my son in a case with his ex girlfriend.

I found her to be professional, business like and at the same time compassionate and understanding – just what you need in a sensitive family case.

I would have no hesitation in recommending her in the future”.  BS Berkshire July 2018

Difficult case

” We would like to highly recommend Belinda Knight for her outstanding efforts in a very difficult case involving out son. You have clearly lead the way in your ability to keep us informed clearly in layman’s terms, lead us step by step through the relevant procedures and delivered the end result perfectly. Had it not been that we came across your website during a google search we believe the outcome would have been so different, so thanks once again for all your help and efforts during a particularly difficult case.

We will certainly recommend you to anyone who needs a top end solicitor. ” IW – June 2018

Supporting a young person

“Belinda is a fantastic solicitor. She supported a young vulnerable person through her court case and was clear, concise and went the extra mile to gather evidence to dispute the claims resulting in a positive outcome for our young person”. LH – June 2018

Thank you

“I say thank you to Belinda for her support when I was really down. Her negotiation skills has rescued me from my ordeal.
Thank you”  A.A D June 2018

Thank you so much

Excellent. It is so comforting to know that there are lawyers who understand clients with special needs. You showed respect and understanding giving excellent advise to our son when he got himself into a fix. The result was the best he could have wished for – thank you”. LA in Reading Feb 2018.

“There I was sitting in a police cell having been accused of the worst crime . I had no lawyer as I have always been a good citizen. I was asked if I needed a lawyer and I said yes . The person that walked into the room was sent from God to rescue me. Belinda Knight walked in and introduced herself to me around the early hours. Thus how dedicated she is to her job. She stood by my side for the 2 years as my case was being investigated. Am so thankful to her for all her time and effort she put on my case. She won the case for me from the moment I was introduced to her. She believed in me and her service was top class from day one up until the end (multiple rapes acquitted by unanimous verdicts of all counts).” M N in Midlands May 2018

Belinda Knight Solicitor was my criminal lawyer, when I found myself accused of something I didn’t not do. It was a hard case but with home visits and pictures that Belinda took to prove I was innocent. The legal advice and support she gave me and my family was beyond what she had to do. She went out of her. She won my case at trial. And I would definitely suggest contacting Belinda Knight as she is loyal and her attitude is amazing. An amazing criminal lawyer.” – EE in Reading April 2018 (assault on neighbour).

I am not a serial offender so when I was arrested I phoned our family solicitor and he recommended Belinda Knight Solicitor as someone with a first class reputation. In our first meeting Belinda was very factual and explained exactly where I was in the legal process, what would happen next, what my options were, what she would recommend and associated time-frames.

Sympathetic – Throughout the entire process Belinda was sympathetic to both mine and my family’s needs; this meant I could still work internationally while my case was going through criminal justice system.

Impressed – The thing that impressed me the most was that Belinda stuck to the process, the potential outcomes and the probabilities. It is important to remember that criminal allegations were extremely serious and Belinda led me through the process from beginning to end.

Kept out of prison – Overall I think Belinda kept me true to the process, minimised the sentencing and kept me out of prison.

Highly recommended – I would highly recommend Belinda Knight Solicitor as she is technically excellent and tells you where you stand. If you are reading this you will be in trouble so please listen to her and act promptly as the longer you let things drag the worse the outcome, I would definitely recommend her from experience.” – FG in Windsor Feb 2018 (False accounting, theft, obtaining by deception).

In the past two years, I have never been as relaxed as I am today, and I have never been so happy as today. For all this we must thank you, thank you for your help, thank you for helping us to fight this lawsuit, thank you for helping us reduce the pain. In the long wait of 5 months, I searched the Internet for relevant legal provisions, and inadvertently saw your lawyer’s website.

Many large scale cases –Then I took a look at your academic background and you accepted many large-scale cases. I felt that you are more professional. Immediately I dialed your phone number and simply told you about the case and you asked if I could forward the case to you. I did not hesitate to have you represent me. I didn’t expect that I would trust you so much. You said that you needed to meet us immediately. Otherwise, there will be no time to prepare the case.

ProfessionalismYour professionalism exceeded our expectations. When we saw your style, we felt that you created a great atmosphere in court and were more confident than other lawyers. You put pressure on the other party’s lawyers and immediately affected the public prosecution. At that time, I wanted to ask you “How can you be so familiar with the case in a few working days? How do you do it?”

Right lawyerAfter the courtroom, my partner came out of the court and said: “We hired the right lawyer, I knew after seeing her at a glance.” While we are satisfied with the results, we would also like to write this thank you this note. 

We have infinite gratitude for your professionalism, your industriousness, your devotion. We felt very touched. Here, on behalf of my family, I wish you good health and a prosperous business. “- Mr. & Mrs. CX (Chinese client) Reading Oct 2017 (Theft by employee, fraud).

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you very much for how professionally you have dealt with my case for me. Thanks a million! Before I began to look for a solicitor, I wanted to get the right one who could understand me, my situation and help me out. You helping me through the legal aid application, calming me down when I was so stressed with the case, all the professional experts you spoke with and obtained relevant reports such as doctors and the laboratory reports. I knew I had contacted the right solicitor. Thanks once again.” – LT in Reading April 2018 (Road traffic offences).

I was before Oxford Crown Court and Belinda Knight was the best solicitor I have ever had. I have had other solicitors and they were not as useful as Belinda Knight. I would recommend her to anyone who needs a criminal lawyer. She is an excellent criminal solicitor.” – BP in Henley upon Thames Mar 2018 (Kidnapping and child abduction).

Thank you for all your help a really big thank you to you. I just wanted to let you know that I really appreciate it and I think you are an amazing solicitor, getting the case discontinued.” –  TC in Cornwall Dec 2017 (Prosecution by British Transport Police).

Thanks for putting in your hard work and time.” – MK in Reading Oct 2017 (assault).

Just to say big thank you for dealing with my case.” – JC in Reading Nov 2017 (theft).

Many thanks for your help with my case. The results were great and I appreciate your honesty with my situation. I am pleased with the outcome and your handling of the case I will gladly recommend your service to any of my friends that may ever need it.” – MJ in Reading Dec 2017 (road traffic offences).

Belinda Knight Solicitor has represented 3 different generations of my family for a variety of different allegations, drugs, burglary, and assault.

Extra mileAt one point Belinda represented us on, on 3 different cases and we won them all in succession. She provides excellent legal service. Belinda always goes the extra mile!

Site and home visits –She does site visits and she is prepared to travel out of the Thames Valley area to be able to represent her clients, she appears when they are under arrest at police station through to court. Belinda will do home visits if that’s more convenient and comfortable for you as a client.

Special needs –Belinda Knight Solicitor also has a fantastic reputation for representing clients will special needs. She is very understanding and patient, she ensures that the police and the courts understands the issues of her clients and prompts both to put the correct procedures in place so that her client feels as comfortable as possible ensuring that they have fair interviews and trials.

Best interests –Belinda Knight Solicitor has clients best interest is always at the fore front of how she represents them. I can honestly say I have always been happy with how Belinda has handled our cases and know she has always fought her hardest for the best possible outcome.”– BJ in Reading (robbery, assault, drugs, burglary, domestic violence) April 2018.

I would 100% recommend Belinda Knight Solicitor” – FB.

Thank you for all of your help, support and time you have given my relative with his court case. It has been a difficult and challenging time for him and everyone supporting him and we are very grateful for all that you have done.” – MM in Reading Feb 2018 (domestic assault).

In the event you find yourself in the position of needing a Criminal Lawyer or a Criminal Law Solicitor, you’d probably go through a checklist that looks something like this: – Capable; Many court wins; Fully knowledgeable in a particular field of law and well-acquainted with cases like your own; Genuinely committed; Has foresight and can anticipate certain outcomes with some degree of certainty; Familiar with the court(s) where your case will be held; Straight-forward/Direct; Excellent negotiating skills; Persuasive. It is the case Belinda Knight ticked all of these boxes for me, and given the gravity of potential outcomes and the effects it could have had on my career, Belinda put forth a case that resulted in exactly what I wanted. One cannot ask for more than that, and I certainly could not more highly recommend Belinda Knight Solicitor I remain a woman of good character as Belinda Knight persuaded the prosecution at court to discontinue my case”. – CJ in Windsor Jan 2018 (Prosecution by local authority for child not attending school).

Belinda Knight Solicitor was introduced to us by one of the UK’s leading Special Educational Needs law firms based in Suffolk.  When we had heard late one afternoon that our teenage son was taken into custody under arrest in Shrewsbury, she was in the car and on her way to represent him that evening.  She ensured his interview met all standards for a young person with special needs and worked with the police to ensure a reasonable perspective was maintained throughout.  Our son was bailed the following day and after carefully reviewing the case, the police found no cause for further action.  Belinda was there for us from that upsetting first night and kept on top of the case until its conclusion.  Her level of personal commitment made you feel as though the person she was defending was as much her family as ours.  We can’t thank her enough.”– J & D, Islington (Terrorism, making explosive device).

I have seen many distressing cases as an appropriate adult and independent custody visitor in many places for the last 10 years. I have witnessed numerous Solicitors from all sorts of practices.  Belinda Knight Solicitor is of the rare, impressive variety – someone I would choose to help me or my family if the need ever arose!”– David P Tredrea, Director, The London Trauma Group, 10-12 Harley Street, London W1G 9PG.  

Belinda, you are one of the shining stars floating around in the sky. I thank you most sincerely. Once again from the bottom of my heart, thank you so very much for all the help you have given my daughter you have won her trials before only needing to ask one question!” – KB in Reading April 2018 (fraud, obtaining by deception, burglary, theft).  

Thank you once again for your representation; you are a legend.” OP in Reading Jan 2018.

Some of our recent Google Reviews: 
  • review rating 5  Belinda Knight provided a wealth of deep understanding and knowledge about the law and potential problems. She was kind, courteous and thorough - but above all knew exactly what to do, giving confidence - and ultimately a clear course of action - that was successful. I highly recommend her if you are unsure of the law and where you stand. A very powerful person that works hard to see you through difficult times with a positive attitude..

    thumb Gary Ford

    review rating 5  

    thumb Marisha Fofanah

    review rating 5  Belinda knight is extremely professional and impressive, she helped us with kindness and most of all support. We would certainly recommend her. Belinda above all is one very clever solicitor.

    thumb Julie Harvey

    review rating 4  Spoken directly to Belinda earlier, she did guide me to some helpful advice. Thank you

    thumb tst 01

    review rating 5  Belinda has been professional throughout our case and has been an invaluable point of contact in arranging the best of the profesionals to help us achieve the best outcome. Very highly recommended

    thumb brian harris

    review rating 5  I found Belinda’s advice professional, personal and very helpful in my case. Her knowledge and understanding where worth every penny and I would highly recommend her services to anyone needing legal representation.

    thumb Stephen Poynter
  • review rating 5  I was very impressed with the way Belinda represented me during a difficult period in my life. She was genuinely interested in helping me and provided excellent advice. I would definitely trust her to do the same again.

    thumb Graham Warriner

    review rating 5  We met with Mrs. Belinda today earlier, we want to thank her so much for the time she gave us and the very precious consultation, tho we didn’t had an appointment! She was really helpful and professional. I highly recommend her! Thank you 🙏🏾 Mrs. Belinda

    thumb marsela murati

    review rating 5  My son wanted to remove a police caution which was administered to him inappropriately. Ms Belinda Knight herself kindly received us in our first contact and provided us with unerring advice for free. Based on her advice he lodged an application with the police. If unfortunately the application turns out unsuccessful, we will definitely come back to her as we are convinced she is the most reliable in Reading.

    thumb Mitsu Doya

    review rating 5  Hi, I am Jonah and recently met Belinda Knight and I had no hope on my recent case in court. But through a friend, Belinda came into my rescue. And the results that we had from court was more than expectation. This woman is genius and I'm here to recommend her everyone with any sort of case.

    thumb Jonah Reeves

    review rating 5  I cannot recommend Belinda Knight highly enough. Her approach is holistic. Belinda goes above and beyond not just for her client but also those connected.(family) It is rare to find a Lawyer/Solicitor with these qualities that actually genuinely cares about her clients and their outcomes. She knows the Law and is forthright. Belinda and her teams clarity and communication is second to none. I remain impressed and have recommended her to a number of people. Working within the criminal justice system and having finding a family member caught up in it. I have found her to be most supportive, honest and reassuring. Do not hesitate to contact her.

    thumb cedual jaram

    review rating 5  Belinda Knight is a highly experienced and professional solicitor. She has outstanding care for her clients and will always go the extra mile to make you feel comfortable in whatever your situation may be. I would highly recommend Belinda to become your solicitor if you are in need of one. She is one of a kind!

    thumb Laoise Stapleton
  • review rating 5  Immediate response and straight to the point kind of approach...

    thumb Mustapha Olajobi

    review rating 5  Belinda gave me excellent advice over the phone, a lovely lady whose practical advice was invaluable.

    thumb Jan Davis

    review rating 5  Very helpful lady took time out to help and advise me thankyou for your time thanks again garth.

    thumb Lisa Rawlings

    review rating 5  Belinda Knight is is a hard working and professional solicitor / lawyer with many years experience. She is committed to caring and professional legal representation of her clients and has a proven track record of success.

    thumb Luke Patrick

    review rating 5  Excellent service always reliable hard working solicitor every time I would recommend Belinda Knight Solicitor 100%

    thumb Joseph Musa

    review rating 5  Extremely good, professional and fexible - lots of experience and 100% recommendable - would totally use Belinda again if need be

    thumb Craig Chapman
  • review rating 5  My wife and I have used Belinda twice and, on both occasions, she has made herself available at very short notice and has given us clear, straight-forward and knowledgeable advice in relation to our son’s legal position. She is very understanding and supportive about our son and his behaviour but, at the same time, tough and assertive when defending his legal position. We would use her again.

    thumb John Belton

    review rating 5  Belinda knight is a excellent solicitor. Professional at all times, yet friendly. She made me feel calm when I was anxious. I would highly recommend her.

    thumb Debra Mitchell

    review rating 5  

    thumb Ace Brown

    review rating 5  Belinda has represented family and friends over a number of years, Belinda has proven to always go the extra mile, She will do home visits if that's more convenient and comfortable for her client, she also does site visits and is willing to travel out of the Thames Valley area to represent her clients. Belinda has a very good reputation with working with clients that have special needs and makes sure that the police and courts understand the need for special measures to be put in place to ensure fair interviews at the police station and fair trials in court. Finding yourself or having a family member whose on the wrong side of the law is very daunting, I've always found Belinda to be very supportive both to her client and to their families. I can honestly say that Belinda always puts her clients best interest at the forefront and she thrives to get the best outcome possible EVERYTIME!

    thumb Jenny B

    review rating 5  Belinda has represented a member of my family through a very complex case, she has been extremely supportive and worked tirelessly to ensure the best outcome for our case. She is a treasure we could not have asked for better representation .

    thumb Eloise Kelly

    review rating 5  Very happy with belindas representation in court and felt that it contributed towards the end result we got which was better than anticipated, many thanks for your service

    thumb Carly B
  • review rating 5  Thank you for your support and professional services for our son at a very difficult time Very professional. Immediate response . I Would highly recommend Belinda she is friendly and compassionate . We have succeeded in proving our sons innocents with thanks to Belinda knight We cannot express our gratitude for your help and success rate ☆☆☆☆☆

    thumb Sarah Bowyer

    review rating 5  Belinda repersented me this morning completely amazing solicitor got me into court first thing really straight to the point would very highly recommend brilliant solicitor

    thumb Nicola Green

    review rating 5  Belinda Knights legal advice and representation is second to none and every penny’s worth, thanks soo much

    thumb Millicent Samoah

    review rating 5  Belinda was recommended to me by a friend She gave us a great deal of support in a difficult time. She is a fast worker and very knowledgeable, I would give more than 5 stars if possible!

    thumb Sam Bell

    review rating 5  Never met a solicitor,like belinda. First one I have come across that actually cares. I genuinely feel as though she has my back. And feel as though I can trust in her advice. I would recommend her to anyone in need of an amazing solicitor

    thumb Dominic Crossman

    review rating 5  Excellent solicitor. Prompt response when contacted. Professional, approachable and hard working. Relates well to clients. If you require a dedicated solicitor in your corner do not hesitate to contact Belinda Knight. Highly recommended.

    thumb marian Doogan
  • review rating 5  Fantastic solicitor. Helped me to understand the process and the options that I could take. Good, solid advice and I was acquitted within an hour of my interview. Really would recommend to anyone!

    thumb Phoebe Powell

    review rating 5  Belinda Knight is an excellent solicitor she is very reliable, she explains cases clearly and gives excellent advise. Belinda was recommended to me a few years back and I have gone on to recommend her to friends also.

    thumb Jaya Musa

    review rating 5  Belinda knight is amazing she help me so much thank u Belinda ur the best

    thumb George Ntui

    review rating 5  Helped with my case and got the best result possible very helpful

    thumb Charlie Murtagh

    review rating 5  Great service and very professional. I would highly recommend Belinda Knight Solicitor Services, to anyone in need of a quality legal advice/representation.

    thumb L H

    review rating 5  Belinda was very easy to talk to, the best thing about the experience was that she explained everything in a basic and easy to understand way. One of the best solicitors I have dealt with can not recommend highly enough!

    thumb Linda Brown
  • review rating 5  Called Belinda with a query and she was happy to provide an initial opinion over the phone for free, which was helpful.

    thumb M PR

    review rating 5  Helped with my case and got the best result possible very helpful

    thumb Charlie Murtagh

    review rating 5  Great service and very professional. I would highly recommend Belinda Knight Solicitor Services, to anyone in need of a quality legal advice/representation.

    thumb L H

    review rating 5  Belinda was very easy to talk to, the best thing about the experience was that she explained everything in a basic and easy to understand way. One of the best solicitors I have dealt with can not recommend highly enough!

    thumb Linda Brown